Sacred Ground Festival 2019 Medienpartner: FluxFM, Crack Magazine, Groove, ASK HELMUT & Mit Vergnügen 12 Jul ff. Brüssow, Sacred Ground Festival

Freitag 12.-14.07.19 Einlass: 17:00, Beginn: 18.00 Sacred Ground Festival, Trampe 9, 17326 Brüssow

Tickets zu Sacred Ground Festival 2019 Brüssow

Festival Ticket 139,00 € 
Shuttle Ticket 3,99 € 
Car Pass 15,00 € 
Early Bird III 110,00 €AusverkauftAusverkauft
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Axel Boman • Curses (LIVE) • Dj Tennis • HVOB • Mathew Jonson & Frank Wiedemann • Perel (LIVE) • The Teskey Brothers •Tora • W. H. Lung


Bat Actor (live) • Carla Kaspari • Conny Frischauf (live) • Floyd Lavine (Rise) • Infuso Giallo (live) • JAMIIE (Rise) • Kitmun • LFÖ • MINCO (Rise) • Misonica • uomo di carne

Located in the idyllic countryside just north of Berlin, Sacred Grounds free-spirited ethos combined with international DJs, Bands and Live Artists is transforming the idea of what a festival can be. We are dedicated to life’s true pleasures - art, nature and culinary specialties - and with a line-up of friends and respected artists invited by the curators Ry X and Frank Wiedemann.

Additional to the various artists and musicians, we have top-quality, regional and international treats for you alongside a lot of love for detail regarding the design of the whole grounds. You can experience the creative dedication and the lovingly created art and light installations of our design crews all over the festival site.

A subject which has always been close to our heart is the respect and love for nature and the surrounding community. It is one of our priorities to be as sustainable as possible, starting by not using plastic straws since the first edition, followed by becoming plastic free and using solar energy sells this year! On top of that we need to exonerate the grounds. That is why we regulate the numbers of cars by limiting the parking space and giving out only a small amount of car passes. We also offer commuting and shuttle rides that are way more sustainable and environmental-friendly anyways. The busses will leave regularly from and to Prenzlau. 

At Sacred Ground it is important to us that each artiste has the full attention to share their art. The main stage and the ambient area are the only running stage during the day, the tent opens its curtains after the main stage closes, allowing everybody to dance to passionate DJs and live sets until the sun rises. The curated Ambient Area which creates a super relaxed atmosphere alongside more exceptional DJ and live acts allowing you to fully let go. Last but not least the festival hosts intimate „secret-sessions" in an old, weather-beaten church built in the 13th century. We are also developing and expanding our yoga and meditation activities which are becoming a central focus point to Sacred Ground.

With a limited amount of tickets, Sacred Ground puts aside backstage and VIP guest areas to prioritize the experience of our guests above all else. Producing a truly open, intimate and transformative experience where there is no rush and everyone comes together as one community.

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Mit: RY X

Domo Camp @ Sacred Ground Festival 2019

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